We have been camping with Lindy and Jim for the past 12 years. From the very first time we visited to camp, they welcomed us with open arms… made us feel like family. We spent our honey moon at the campgrounds, that is where my husband and I wanted to spend it. They were always helpful with directions, getting firewood to us, the camp was always very clean, things to do for the kids. As Jim is mostly the one to get all the campers their firewood, you ahve to be paitent till it comes. One person can’t do it themselves. Reading over these comments, really blow my mind, Especially when it comes to having a campfire extremely high, first off, your camping in the woods which can cause a forrest fire, there are also people who lives in the homes around the campgrounds, It is only common sense and respect to have a campfire at a certain height. there is nothing rude about it, Jim and Lindy, respect the land, neighbors, etc. not to cause any form of fire in their campgrounds.. As for kids,